Holy Angel


We provide full and partial crewing services through our crew management program. It will provide the principle and managers with a long-term man power resource of a pool of qualified officers, engineers and ratings.

Potential candidates must not only pass our prescribed selection and evaluation procedures but must be fit for various requirements and standards of the principle also. It is mandatory for all our crew to receive special courses for English proficiency, safety training and ship/ISM-Safety Management System familiarization.

At our disposal is a pool of well experienced, responsible and reliable Indian Officers, Engineers and Ratings who proved themselves to be seasoned seafarers, professionally fit and dependable for cooperation on board vessels required to be manned by a national or multi-national crew. In this respect we have been able to muster an unflagging enthusiasm for the benefit of our Principals, making sure our Principals get the best.

Our crew selection ensures that the crews are:

  • Qualified and hard working to meet the flag state requirements
  • Speak, Read and Write good command of English
  • Thorough briefing about the vessel’s information and its requirements
  • Check through all the certificates, Training and Travel Documents including visa requirement etc., as per ISM code.